Hitomi Tanaka Hitomi Tanaka
Birth Place:



156 cm


18/07/1986 (35 ages)


47 kg

Hitomi Tanaka (Tanaka Hitomi (ひとみ たなか?), n. 18 de julio de 1986, Yamaga, Prefectura de Kumamoto) is a Japanese porn actress, AV Idol, and model. Many Asian girls, in fact, like everyone else, have tried themselves as porn actresses. However, not everyone managed to become famous in this field. Fortunately, Hitomi Tanaka is one of these girls, who won the attention of viewers and became popular almost immediately. We will tell you why the black-haired Japanese girl became famous in an instant, for the sake of which many actresses work for years, right after we talk a little about the biography of the actress. Hitomi Tanaka was born on July 18, 1986, and she first thought about a career as a porn star in 2006, when she realized she wanted to make a living doing what she loved. She first appeared on the screens in November 2007, starring in a Japanese erotic film. That's when the whole world became aware of the owner of the huge and natural breasts. Thanks to these volumes, and, of course, the talent, the actress became popular in a moment, though not dreamed of it. In August 2009, a full-length movie with Hitomi, which can be called a compilation of all the roles of this actress. Despite the impressive forms, Tanaka weighs only 46 pounds and her height is 155 centimeters. Already by the beginning of 2012, Japanese actress starred in more than a hundred paintings, where, without hesitating, showed his abilities.