Is it normal to want a person to watch you masturbate?

Some people pleasure themselves while imagining a faceless figure, while others enjoy watching porn. There are also individuals who fantasize about characters from fiction, even the hentai ones. It all comes down to each individual’s personal preference. Fantasizing about certain things that get you in the mood is not something that you should be embarrassed about. Whether you enjoy thinking about your beautiful girlfriend or a random stranger you’ve seen on the street once, your imagination is your limit.

However, did you know that some people think it is hot to watch others masturbate? Some people enjoy being watched while they do the deed, while others prefer to be the ones watching instead. It is no secret that mutual masturbation with your partner can bring you two closer together, but this also brings other benefits. Masturbating in front of your partner or in front of strangers on Masturbate2Gether provides you with a plethora of advantages, and here are some things to keep in mind.

A teaching experience

Masturbating in front of your partner can be incredibly hot, but it can also be a teaching experience. It is completely normal to want to teach your partner the naughty pleasures you enjoy the most, and what better way to teach them than to show him/her personally. Of course, this is not something you should decide on your own. You need to ask for consent, and if your partner is open to the experience, you are in for a treat.

When we masturbate, we will touch all our sweet spots. We often let our hands wander around, touching the erogenous zones that always get us in the mood. There might be some spots your partner never even thought about touching, and you can show them all the naughty things you enjoy the most. The beauty of masturbation is that you get to be as selfish as you want to be. It is all about pleasing yourself, so do not hold back.

You are free to use toys, lubricant, or anything else that gets you in the mood. The whole point of masturbating for your partner is to let go of any limitations and show them how you enjoy pleasuring yourself. This way, you can show them all the naughty aspects you enjoy, and they will be able to provide you with the same kinds of pleasures next time you engage in sexual activities.

This is especially useful for women! We know that most women are unable to cum from penetrative sex alone, and showing your partner all the naughty bits you enjoy stimulating, is incredibly important.

Improve sexual satisfaction

Sometimes, you might be in the mood while your partner is not, or vice versa. This does not mean that you should shove your naughty desires down their throat; you need to respect their boundaries. However, this also does not mean that you are unable to enjoy each other without making anyone feel uncomfortable. You can ask your partner to watch you while you masturbate, and although they are not engaging in the activity, they are still providing you with mental stimuli, which is incredibly important.

Let’s not forget that letting your partner watch you pleasure yourself can be a huge turn-on. You might discover that you get more turned on by having your partner watch you than if you were to touch yourself alone. In some cases, your partner might end up getting turned on as well, and you can enjoy naughty pleasures together. You could also engage in mutual masturbation as you teach each other about all the naughty things that help you reach an orgasm.

Take your intimacy to a new level!

Did you know that masturbating together or for each other can actually increase intimacy in a relationship? Masturbation does not see as something that would be more intimate than sex, but it definitely is. This is because masturbation is something that we do alone. We are incredibly vulnerable and open with ourselves when it comes to self-love. Showing this side to somebody means that you trust them completely and you want to share this experience with them. Thus, masturbating for your partner can ramp up intimacy in any relationship.

In addition, masturbation is known to improve your sex life as well. There are many key factors that play a role here, the first of them being that the more often you engage in sexual activities, the more your body will crave it. On the other hand, you can show your partner all the sweet spots on your body, and they can incorporate that into sexy play.

Let’s not forget that masturbation is known to help you get rid of stress, and it also takes the stress out of sex. A lot of people are more comfortable masturbating than they are having sex, and sometimes masturbation is all you really need. However, you can always engage in mutual masturbation and enjoy each other’s company along the way. This way, you get to pleasure yourself and not worry about the stress of sex while also having a sensual connection with your partner.

It’s normal and healthy!

Let’s be real; masturbation is something most people enjoy. It can help you get rid of stress or any worries you might have at that moment. However, it is also something that can bring your partner and you closer together, especially if you engage in mutual masturbation. Letting your partner watch you in your most vulnerable state means that you trust them completely, which is important for every relationship.

Some people also have a fetish for being watched while they masturbate, which is also completely normal. As long as you are all consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with engaging in masturbation, mutual masturbation, or any other naughty fantasies that come to mind. There are many sexy fantasies you could try out this way, including spicy role play and incorporating all kinds of toys into your sex life, as well!